Pay as You Go

The Most Affordable Phone Line


To Call Me As You Go is the most affordable phone service. Pay only what you use and when you use it.

Ideal for the following scenarios:

  • Second private personal line,
  • Sole proprietorship business such as:
    • Cleaning services,
    • Photography studio,
    • Plumbing services,
  • Low use residential

Outstanding Characteristics

  • Prepaid service: just top up as you need. We accept PayPal and credit cards.
  • A minimum charge of 1.99 CAD monthly. Yes! Less than a Toonie.
  • New telephone number: you select the city (from the USA or Canada) and we will assign you a brand new telephone number.
  • 911 enabled.
  • Bring your Own Device (ByoD): use it on your mobile or configure your IP Telephone.
  • Voicemail enabled: get your voicemails in your registered email.