The best phone service for your home


To Call Me Residential is though to cover the needs of a residential telephone line.

Ideal for the following scenarios:

  • Family designed line

Outstanding Characteristics

  • Unmetered minutes for domestic calls: within the acceptable use, call to the continental USA and provincial Canada.
  • Prepaid service: just top up as you need. We accept PayPal and credit cards.
  • A minimum charge of 4.99 CAD monthly.
  • New telephone number: you select the city (from the USA or Canada) and we will assign you a brand new telephone number.
  • 2 lines.
  • Possibility to port-in your current phone number.
  • 911 enabled.
  • Bring your Own Device (ByoD): use it on your mobile or configure your IP Telephone.
  • Voicemail enabled: get your voicemails in your registered email.
  • SMS enabled: if your device supports it, you will be able to receive and answer SMS with our service.
  • Possibility to add more extensions: if you need more than a common ring-everywhere extension, you can request extra extensions and place one in the living room, the other in the basement.